Reducing Conflict in Your Divorce | Here’s What to Know

Divorce is stressful, and often, stress leads to conflict. Further, depending on why you and your spouse are getting divorced, there may already be a great deal of conflict present. If you find yourself in this position, you’re probably concerned about reducing conflict, as this will make the divorce more bearable for all parties involved, including your children, if you have any. Please continue reading and reach out to a Los Angeles divorce attorney from our firm to learn more about reducing conflict in your divorce and how our legal team can help you through the process ahead.

Tips for Reducing Conflict During the Divorce Process

Three of the most valuable tips for reducing conflict during the divorce process are as follows:

  1. Don’t try to change your spouse at this point. If you’re getting divorced, there are most likely certain things about your spouse you wish you could change. However, the time for trying this is during your marriage, if ever–not during a divorce. Divorce means the end of a marriage, and if you couldn’t change your spouse while you were together, you can’t change him or her now. Focus only on improving yourself.
  2. Don’t take the bait. Frequently, spouses will lash out verbally during their divorce. This can happen through text messages, phone calls, or on social media. Don’t respond to these attacks. If you get a phone call from your spouse and you know it’s only going to consist of insults thrown your way, ignore the call. If your ex sends you nasty text messages, don’t respond–but save the texts. These can, and most likely will be used as evidence in court. If your ex posts about you on social media, definitely don’t respond. Just screenshot the posts. Courts look down on people who post about their divorce or trash-talk their ex on social media. If you show you’re the calm, collected spouse who didn’t take the bait, courts are more likely to rule in your favor.
  3. Focus only on the future, not the past.  You’re getting divorced. This means there was something about your marriage that wasn’t working for you. This is the perfect opportunity to drop that baggage and see this for what it is–the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. Focus on self-improvement, raising your children right, and moving on with your life.

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