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Will I Lose My 401(k) In a Divorce?

Divorce is a financially complex process, especially when spouses don't have prenuptial agreements in place regulating exactly who is entitled to which pieces of property. Though we tend to think of the most important types of property as business interests, houses, and assets held in bank accounts (that may be…
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5 Tips for Having a Low-Conflict Divorce

As you know, divorce is almost always stressful. In most cases, couples get divorced because they disagree on a wide range of issues, and often, these disagreements continue throughout the divorce process. That said, there are certain actions you and your spouse can take to limit the amount of conflict…
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What is a Contested Divorce?

Going through a divorce is always an emotional process. Fortunately, some couples are able to go through the process amicably and can agree on most, or all, of the terms of their divorce. This is known as an uncontested divorce. However, just as couples frequently divorce because of disagreements, they…
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