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Divorce is an extremely difficult time for a person and my divorce involving complicated financial issues was a very challenging one. Getting referrals and choosing the right attorney to handle your case was also very difficult. I was lucky to have been referred to Diana by a good friend and I highly recommend Diana and her team. They genuinely care about their clients and are excellent.

- Former Client

Diana P. Zitser is a Certified Law Specialist with close to 20 years of experience.  A recognized  "Super Lawyer" ( an honor that's awarded to top  5 % of lawyers in the country). She also received a perfect "10" rating from AVVO for peer recognition and client satisfaction. Divorce may be one of the most difficult times of your life, therefore choosing the right attorney is extremely difficult and moreover crucial. I had a very complex divorce case.  It have been probably the most horrifying experience I've ever experienced. I was faced with custody battle along with some other devastating details I wouldn't like to elaborate on. The truth is I was in despair ... lost, confused and broken hearted to top it all that. I went to a dozen of consultations trying to get the best attorney to represent my case. I Was hopeless and overwhelmed until I walked In the office of Diana Zitser. She was the only one who was brutally honest, made me face the reality and didn't make any promises that she couldn't deliver. She changed my perspective on life and gave me a reason to stay strong. It has been two years I've worked side by side with Diana Zitser and associate Brandon Johnson. I could never be happier with the results we've accomplished. Her caring attitude and compassion are always directed towards her clients. Her integrity is undeniable and that's what defines Diana Zitser as a reputable attorney.  She is tough in   court and compassionate outside, always willing to listen and understand.  Diana is known as a "Super Attorney" for a reason. She is always prompt and easy to reach. You can count on her knowledge and loyalty in any challenging circumstances. She is enthusiastic, passionate and most importantly very ambitious. She overcomes obstacles with ease using her skillfulness and the best judgement. Without a doubt Diana P. Zitser is immensely knowledgeable and highly intelligent. With years of experience and her endless expertise you can always count on Diana to seek for the most valuable advice. Her countless expertise certainly makes her achieve the best outcome by overcoming any given challenges to the best of her ability. Her diligence helps her execute and deliver the best results in the court room.  She is determined on making each one of her clients special. With her passionate personality her loyalty and endless dedication to her work Diana is highly respectful by many reputable attorneys and most importantly by  the court. Diana Zitser and her associate Brandon Johnson changed my life. I am beyond grateful for their commitment and hard work that they put in my case. I am honored to work with such a professional and reputable law firm. I am very pleased to have chosen Diana P. Zitser to represent me in my divorce case.”

- N.G.

Ms. Diana Zitser is a true master in her field. She helped me deal with one of the hardest situations in my life and I can't imagine what I would do without her help, guidance and expertise. I can't say enough about Ms. Zitser. I am grateful that I was able to find her through a friends recommendation and that we were able to get a quick resolution to my situation. For anyone looking for a specialist in the Family Law field, you cannot go wrong with Ms. Zitser. I always felt that she had my very best interest in mind. She has a very realistic view on things and because she has been in this business for so long, you can rely on that. On a personal note, Ms. Zitser is an extremely nice person and is a pleasure to be around.

- L.Z.

I have known Diana both personally and professionally for at least 10 years.  She and her staff are highly qualified, profession and handled my matter in a timely and efficient manner. Am very happy with the results!

- M.M.

Diana did an amazing job for me, I highly recommend her and her firm. Very professional.

- P.Z.

I highly recommend Diana! In my opinion, Diana is one of the best divorce lawyers in Los Angeles. Along with her highly qualified team, I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity while trying to navigate the rough waters of divorce. Thank you Diana for the great outcome!

- J.S.

Diana represented my in my divorce case and helped me reach and equitable and fair settlement.

- Former Client

I worked with a firm that was no help to me, it took days before they would respond... Then I met Diana and her lovely team, what a breath of fresh air. Diana is very professional and really knows how to help. A lovely person, strong, passionate and treats you like a family member. I highly recommend calling Diana if you are looking for someone who will follow through, will fight for you and what is right and someone you can feel very comfortable and safe around and treat you with respect. Diana did everything she said would do and even a bit more. I am very happy with my outcome. Thank you Diana!

- C.N.

Diana P. Zitser went above and beyond, very knowledgeable about family law. She was great at answering and returning phone calls. She helped with legal advice every step of the way. She constantly updated me on the progress and was available any time I called/emailed her for help. Ms. Zitser has been very responsive to my concerns and concise in her recommendations and explanations. This was such a difficult phase of my life and she helped me to get through to the end of it with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend her.

- Former Client

I wanted a lawyer who could think outside the box and find 'work arounds' to overcome particular obstacles. Diana delivered.

- Former Client

Diana helped us resolve an issue with a marriage certificate that was not in conformity with the document required by Homeland Security for an immigration matter. Papers were prepared and a hearing was held in state court resulting in a positive outcome and a ruling by the court granting all our requests.

- Former Client

Diana represented me in a complicated divorce case. She is smart, experienced and knows how to get results. She got me an excellent settlement agreement, I did not expect. I am very thankful. Diana is the best attorney and the only divorce attorney you should consider if you need one.

- Former Client

After previously trying to navigate the divorce process on my own, I found that a real experienced family law attorney was necessary to carry the proceed through all the way to completion. From the initial consultation to the final judgment in my divorce case, Ms. Zitser and her entire staff were thorough, professional and thoughtful in every aspect of the process. I would recommend for anyone who needs a family law attorney in LA area.”

- G.W.

Saying that Ms. Zitser is great at what she does would be an understatement. Dealing with Family legal issues has been one of the most stressful things that I have ever had to go through in my life. Ms. Zitser not only helped me get through these difficult times, but she did it in a very empathetic manner. She was very diligent in answering all of my questions and was always available to help.

- Former Client

I was married for almost 25 years and my divorce involved complicated financial issues. Ms. Zitser was excellent, kept me informed and provided wise counsel throughout the case. I highly recommend Ms. Zitser.

- J.W.

I am extremely pleased with the legal representation provided to me by Diana Zitser. Esq. I met her at a very emotionally and financially difficult time in my life, and she was there for me every step of the way, as my divorce case unfolded. She is a very professional, experienced, compassionate, tenacious, and caring attorney. She has excellent advocacy and litigation skills, and is a great negotiator. She will get you the best settlement possible, guiding you through any complicated legal situation with grace and ease. She is a top notch attorney, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my relatives and friends.

- Former Client

Diana is an excellent divorce attorney because she genuinely cares about her clients' best interests and getting things done. She provided me with wise counsel during the worst time in my life. Her approach was fair and pragmatic yet creative and she had the knowledge and experience to know how to get me through my case in a truly dignified way. I highly recommend her.

- Former Client

She is an excellent attorney - would highly recommend her!

- Former Client

Diana Zitser took over my divorce case three years after it started. Issues which seemed standard and straightforward all turned out to be highly disputed and complex, complicated further by a non-cooperative, litigious opposing party and my own diagnosis of a chronic disease. Property division included multiple businesses which introduced a whole host of related issues of partnership, valuation, compensation, income tracing, reimbursement, accounting and taxation. Noncompliance with court orders created issues of enforcement, collection, and payment of attorney fees. Diana was every bit the dedicated professional and fierce advocate, but also the compassionate and patient collaborator. She mastered the facts and issues and expertly handled the many court hearings, depositions, trial, arbitration, and negotiations. Being an outstanding writer, Diana impressed me with her wit, her ability to simplify and clearly communicate technical issues and to craft successful arguments. 

- Former Client

If you are needing a divorce lawyer, your life is probably pretty busy and somewhat chaotic, so I will be brief.  Diana Zitser, for me, was a solid choice for these reasons. Diana Zitser has many professional and personal qualities that for me were beneficial. They may be for you, as well. One, I felt like we were in it together. Diana made me feel like we were a team. She, and her team, stood with me through the journey.  Two, wisdom. Diana has wisdom. For instance, during a challenging time early in my process, things were confusing and wildly emotional. “No drama,” Diana advises me. Her words were simple, short and profound. And they served me very well. Three, freedom to make my own choice. Diana would always advise me, and then allow me to make the choice. She would describe the different path or strategy, and then give me the power, and the time, if available, to choose.  Four, experience. When sailing in new and often turbulent waters, it was essential to have someone with the poise and experience to navigate. Diana has both poise and experience. Five, courage. This was, at times, an intense arena. Diana had the courage and grit to do battle when necessary. Six, Diana is likable and fun. This may seem an unlikely, or even unnecessary, quality in this profession. However, for me, it truly helped. Looking back on this challenging time of my life, I have fond memories of laughing and bonding with Diana. This was an overwhelming, confusing time for me. I understand it may be for you, as well. I hope this helps. I wish you luck with your journey.

- J.M.

Diana perfectly predicted everything the judge would say and do in court. She helped diligently prepare with me before court which proved valuable as the judge made mention of several of the items we prepared as he made his decisions. Diana's office was always responsive and friendly and helped keep things moving. I appreciate their efforts and would highly recommend Diana and her office.

- P.B.

Diana was my divorce attorney in 2014. I had a messy case, a child custody battle to fighting for financial support for my children and I  requested to move out of state, as their father was a danger to us. It took some time, but Diana was not only able to get me full sole custody of my two young children, but was also able to fight for my move out of the state to be with my family. Diana never gave up she was always one step ahead. Her quick responsiveness, analytical skills, good research skills, speaking skills, and listening skills in and out of the courtroom changed my life forever and I don’t know where I would be without her as my lawyer. I’m so grateful to Diana, I highly recommend her to anyone that is struggling with a nasty divorce case. She genuinely cares about you as a person and fights for you.    

- C.P.

I had a very good experience working with Ms. Zitser, she was very caring and full of innovative ideas and solutions. She was very patient and had a genuine attitude to resolve issues to the best of her client. I am very happy with her.

- D.

After 19 years of marriage, divorce came unexpected, to say the least. It was the most traumatic experience for me (as I am sure for most), and I felt completely overwhelmed. Diana Zitser came highly recommended from a friend. Diana was described as an excellent family law attorney who really cares about her clients' interests, extremely knowledgeable and competent. When we met, she explained to me the candid reality of my situation with professionalism that is so hard to find these days. We worked together under difficult circumstances (I know I tried Diana's patience more than once) and we were always on the same page. Today, after working with Diana and her staff for several months, I stand by this recommendation. She is an outstanding attorney, and a great litigator. My ex, by the way, had a team of attorneys representing her, and whenever we were in court, Diana was well prepared, very skillful, and always at her best. This kind of representation comes from many years of experience, and at the end this is what we all want; a competent attorney to protect our rights. In summary, this case started with my ex wanting thousands of dollars in support, and I would only get the kids 20% of the time. At the end, I got 50% custody of the kids and thousands of dollars in spousal support from my ex. Several years later, I am still grateful to great work and dedication to my case by Diana P. Zitser.

- M.B.

Diana is strong, kind, personable, patient and always there when I needed her, all which are very important to me. Diana helped me with my case explaining patiently till I fully understood down to the details and when the time came she stayed strong and does not back away when things got tuff. I wasn’t just a client she really cares, I felt like she treated me as if I was a family member. I fell so lucky I found Diana, I highly recommend her!

- C.N.

I highly recommend Diana Zitser for any family law matters. She is very thorough, knowledgable and experienced. She always kept me informed of the stage of the process and offered possible options. She did what one expects a good lawyer to do; she fought for my best interests. She achieved a much better outcome than I had expected. All through the process, she was compassionate and understanding. I trust her and her firm.

- Former Client

Diana Zitser is a very knowledgeable, experienced lawyer who was able to help me understand the complexities of the legal situation I faced while also being compassionate. She managed two tricky family law situations for me and achieved better results than I hoped could be done. She was completely honest with me all the way through the process. I highly recommend this firm.

- D.S.

Divorce is never a pleasant thing. It conjures unbalanced emotions, anger, tears and uncertainty. In these moments we look for professional help and experienced, wise hands to help us. Ms. Zitser and her company are certainly that. I was taken through each stage logically, advised smartly and felt that if needed, her team could go 'dark side' for me. I would recommend the firm to anyone entering this in their life currently.

- A.R.

There are few things as stressful in life as a divorce. Diana was amazing. She listened. She cared. I later found out how important personality is when hiring an attorney. If the judge dislikes your attorney, watch out. Diana is very knowledgeable and highly respected. Plus, she seems to know everyone at the courthouse. She is also extremely honest and fair. There were numerous times when she would direct me on how to save costs. My wife's attorney, who had a much lower hourly rate, ended up costing more than double, because of billable hours. Don't just look at hourly rate. Diana is extremely smart and gets things done in half the time. Highly recommend her.

- A.K.

A recommendation came from a friend who used the Law Offices of Diana Zitser for his divorce. I have used Diana's services twice: first time, for my divorce; second, to help me with a prenuptial agreement. My first meeting with Diana gave me an impression that she was very nice and pleasant, but very knowledgeable and strong at the same time. I was not mistaken in my first impression because she handled both cases very efficiently. Even though at time Diana and I disagreed on taking aggressive positions regarding certain issues, I came to realize that she was right in every point she had made, had a clear strategy in mind, and backed it up with very valid arguments. I knew I was in good hands. Because I followed her advice, the outcomes were great. She saved me time, helped me avoid extra emotional stress, and achieved good and fair results. I would highly recommend Diana for any assignment related to family law.

- T.L.

If one can be said to remember one's divorce with any fondness, then my saying it can certainly be accredited to Ms. Zitser. Her professionalism certainly brought a sense of calm and assurance to what had been, up to then, a rocky time for me. I was at every juncture confident in Diana's ability to bring sage advice to the table and to proceed efficiently through the process to bring closure and peace. Her resolve and support were firm and supportive of my interests. I can recommend her office with the highest confidence.

- D.W.

Ms. Zitser represented me in my divorce proceedings which were contentious and drawn out. She was the ultimate professional. Throughout the course of the proceedings, she remained level headed and composed. She acted with integrity and honesty. She worked well under pressure and tight deadlines. Throughout the course of the proceedings, she kept me fully informed and was always available to respond to my questions and provide direction to protect my interests. Ms. Zitser's skills in mediation, as well as before the Judge in Court, were extremely impressive. She was always well-prepared and well-versed in my case. She presented my position and supporting facts clearly and effectively, resulting in a fair resolution to my divorce. I highly recommend Ms. Zitser.

- Former Client

Divorce is never an easy process. Especially if children are involved, with each side trying to prove their side. Many times, court is inevitable. Diana and her staff truly make you feel as though they are walking along the same path with you! I would recommend her to anyone! She has been my angel!

- Y.L.

I couldn't have been happier with the Zitser Family Law Group. They walked me through every step of the way on my case and were fair and frugal with their billing.

- W.E.

Throughout the process, Ms. Zitser and her staff demonstrated courteous and professional attitude and were very helpful in addressing all intricacies of such a delicate affair. I would highly recommend them to other clients seeking high quality professional legal services.

- A.S.

In June of 2014, I contacted Diana Zitser to help me prepare for my divorce. My husband and I had been separated for a number of years and had gone through an informal process that left many legal questions unanswered. I was hesitant to involve a lawyer in what I felt could be a reasonable negotiation between my husband and me. However, things quickly became complicated and contentious, so I needed someone who was sensitive, professional, and thorough. A friend recommended Diana to me and after our first consultation; I knew I had found the right lawyer to help me navigate my divorce. At each stage of the process, she provided me with just the right amount of information, so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed.  With her guidance, I have been able complete all necessary paperwork and recreate the history I needed to bring my case to court. I could not have managed this stressful process without her office’s assistance. 

- Former Client

Diana Zitser was my counsel in a prenup agreement case and I couldn't have had better representation. She knows the law, strategy, and kept me well informed throughout the prenup process. I highly recommend Diana and her firm.

- A.F.

Ms. Zitser helped me achieve excellent results during an emotionally and financially difficult period in my life. I highly recommend Ms. Zitser as an advocate.

- G.M.

I used Diana over 4 years ago. Kept me informed on all aspects of my matter. Very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the outcome!

- M.M.

Diana exemplifies a person with great intellect and integrity who chose to be an advocate. Diana ranks far above typical lawyers. She represents the highest standards of what it means to legally protect and guide her clients through the maze of the legal process. Diana advised me about optimal legal strategies to achieve fast results at a reasonable cost. I have retained her for my personal family law and divorce case and would do it again. Few if any attorneys can offer more. Diana gets my highest recommendation in every category as an experienced brilliant, and effective advocate always looking out for her client, with genuine compassion.

- O.V.

Amazing attorney. Got things done quickly and extremely professional. I would highly recommend using this firm they are are honest, companionate and understanding when dealing with sensitive matters.

- B.S.

Thank you for all your hard work. It was said to me by a few attorneys that there is no way what I wanted to be done couldn't be done. My own lawyer refused to even consider it. I love to turn no's into yeses and Zitser Family Law team did it!

- E.S.

I was blessed to have Diana as my divorce attorney; she made this difficult process much easier for me. She and her staff were great communicators and helped me get through the decision process. Diana is fair and very practical, she treated me with care, respect and kept me focused on what was best for me so that I would not lose focus or waste time on the small things. She is an amazing attorney and wonderful person. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of the best attorney in town. Thank you Diana for being so AMAZING!”

- A.R.

Diana was clear, strategic and mindful at every turn of the process. She was a great communicator and always ensured I understood the impact of each critical decision made. She made my priorities her own and it was easy to entrust them to her and her office. The process is not easy, but with her guidance I felt I had an advocate and never questioned the intent of her advice. She is trustworthy and I am lucky to have come across her office during such an extremely difficult time in my life. Not sure how I could have done it without her and her team.

- J.S.

Diana was straightforward and clear about my case. When I had some difficult issues Diana found innovative 'work arounds' to handle it. She may come off as a bit brusque but I loved it -- she got to the point fast and that meant I was saving on the hourly bill! I was very happy with the end results.

- S.J.

I can't say enough great things about Diana. From the first time I went in to meet with her, she made me feel secure knowing that even in the difficult times to come going through a divorce, she would steer me the right direction. I think the best thing about working with her though was her ability to help me take the emotion out of my decisions, and do the logical thing instead. I have no doubt on my own accord I would have wasted thousands of dollars in legal fees over trivial issues, and she kept me focused on what was best for me and my kids, and made a really painful time in my life, a lot less stressful.

- R.S.

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