Divorce & Taxes in California | What You Need to Know

Divorce involves many complicated issues, including emotional, legal, and financial issues. One financial issue that is often overlooked is that of taxes. Divorce can have a profound effect on taxes, and if you are going through the divorce process, you must continue reading and speak with our California divorce attorneys today to learn more. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What filing status should I choose while getting a divorce?

If you are already divorced, you will generally file as unmarried or head of household. However, if you are still undergoing divorce proceedings, you can either file jointly with your spouse, or you can file as married and separate. In most cases, it is best to simply file jointly with your spouse, however, if your spouse is unwilling to cooperate or you believe that your spouse is acting dishonestly in some way, you should strongly consider hiring an attorney who can inform you of your options.

Does child custody affect my taxes?

Child custody will absolutely affect your taxes. Even if you and your former spouse have a 50/50 custody agreement, only one of you may claim your child(ren) on your taxes, and the parent that claims children is the one who will receive certain tax benefits. In many cases, this can make for a complicated situation, as both parents feel entitled to these benefits if they are raising their child(ren) equally. However, a simple solution to this problem can either be simply splitting the benefits received informally or trading off years in which you and your former spouse claim your child(ren) on your tax returns.

Should I file under my married name after a divorce?

In many cases, the unfortunate reality is that divorces end badly. For this very reason, people are often eager to change their name back to their maiden name as soon as possible. While this is entirely understandable, the truth is, in certain cases, doing so may actually hinder you in the long run. If you change your name on your tax return before you legally change your name, there is a very good chance that you will not see your tax refund for a considerable amount of time. This is because IRS compares your name with the name on your record at the Social Security Administration, and if it does not add up, you may have to go through hoops to confirm the change, thus delaying your tax refund, which you may very well need as quickly as possible. For any further questions, give our California divorce attorneys a call today.

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