What Are the Common Reasons Couple’s Get Divorced?

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Though nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, many couples don’t think about that probability when reciting their vows. Nonetheless, a once picture-perfect marriage can turn into a less-than-ideal situation just as quickly as you fell in love. This is the unfortunate reality of legal unions, as many couples get divorced. Understanding the factors that cause spouses to split can help determine if divorce is the right option for you and how a Los Angeles divorce attorney can help make the process simple.

Infidelity Is a Leading Factor Causing Couples to Get Divorced

One of the primary causes that result in divorce is infidelity or extramarital affairs by one or both partners. Generally, cheating on a spouse is viewed as an ultimate betrayal, often leading to irreparable trust issues.

Though many couples try to remedy their relationship after cheating, it can be challenging to overcome the damage done. This makes it difficult to trust your spouse, which can hurt all other areas of your relationship. It can also cause one spouse to feel insecure about themself, as they may wonder why their partner was unfaithful.

Arguing Constantly Can Lead To Separation

While it’s normal and even healthy for couples to disagree or argue every once in a while, constant, endless arguments can lead to significant issues. If you and your spouse can’t seem to agree on anything it can lead to incessant bickering, which fuels feelings of resentment. For example, if you disagree and argue about significant issues in your marriage, like finances, childrearing methods, or your profession, it may be hard to compromise.

Generally, your home is supposed to be seen as a safe place for you and your partner. However, if you dread going home for fear of more arguing, this is a sign that divorce may be on the horizon. If you’ve tried marriage counseling, it could be time to put your happiness first.

Lack of Intimacy Is a Leading Cause of Divorce

When you and your partner go through short periods without intimacy, it may not bother you. Sometimes, taking a physical and emotional break is healthy. However, when those days turn into months, it can leave you feeling trapped in a loveless marriage, which can cause you to get divorced.

If you and your partner aren’t on the same page when it comes to your emotions, it can cause disaster. Feelings of immense sadness, anger, and frustration can arise as you wonder why you can’t agree on the feelings.

When you make the difficult choice and decide that you and your spouse would be happier apart than together, filing for divorce is the next step. However, you shouldn’t navigate this challenging time on your own. The Zitser Family Law Group understands that this is an emotional time for anyone. We can help guide you through the divorce process to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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