How Much Is Divorce in California?

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Though you and your spouse have tried everything to repair your marriage, sometimes things just don’t work out. If divorce is on the table, understanding the costs associated with the legal dissolution of marriage is essential. If you’re unsure what will influence the divorce cost, you’ll want to continue reading. You’ll also learn how a Los Angeles divorce attorney can help guide you through the process to make the transition to the new chapter in your life as smooth as possible.

What Factors Influence the Divorce Cost?

The cost of divorce isn’t the same for every couple. In fact, there are several factors that can drastically influence how much you can expect your separation to cost. However, the average California divorce is generally around $17,000.

For example, if you have children, custody battles can cause the divorce to be drawn out. This means you’ll end up paying more court fees and lawyer bills, causing the expense to grow.

Also, if you and your ex share assets, it can complicate the process. This is due to the fact that it will take longer to divide, once again drawing out the cost and fees associated with your divorce.

What’s the Difference Between an Uncontested and Contested Divorce?

One of the most significant factors that determines how much you can expect to spend is whether your divorce is contested or uncontested.

Generally, uncontested divorces are simpler to navigate because there is no need for litigation. You and your spouse simply agree on the issues at hand without the need to visit a court. While many don’t hire a lawyer and opt to do the bulk of the research themselves, it is recommended to have a lawyer review any documents before you sign them.

A contested divorce is what people think about when they picture a divorcing couple. These separations come with issues or contested areas that make it more challenging to settle the problems quickly. It is always recommended to have an attorney during a contested divorce, as it helps ensure you have someone well-versed in law representing you.

Are There Court Fees?

Finally, there are often court fees that can influence the cost of your divorce. Administrative fees, like court filing, serving papers, or retrieving the divorce settlement, can come with a price tag. Also, appearing in court has an hourly fee that can raise the cost when coupled with your divorce attorney’s fees.

If you’re undergoing a divorce, trying to do it yourself may seem like the best option. However, enlisting the help of a seasoned divorce attorney is crucial, as they can help ensure you receive the money you are entitled to from your spouse while protecting your assets. Reach out to the Zitser Family Law Group today to connect with an attorney and discuss your case.

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