Do I Have to Pay Spousal Support if My Ex Gets Remarried?

One of the most common terms of divorce is the awarding of spousal support, or alimony, to the financially dependent spouse. Spousal support essentially comes in the form of regular monthly payments designed to help keep the dependent spouse financially afloat in the absence of their spouse’s paycheck. That being said, spousal support isn’t intended to be permanent; instead, it’s designed to simply help spouses along until they are capable of becoming financially independent. As such, there are a wide array of scenarios that may warrant a modification to, or termination of spousal support here in the state of California. If your ex recently got remarried, you’re most likely wondering whether you’re required to continue paying spousal support. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Los Angeles spousal support attorneys to learn more about whether remarriage counts as grounds to terminate spousal support and how our legal team can help.

Do I have to keep paying spousal support after my ex gets remarried?

One of the most common grounds for terminating spousal support is the financially dependent spouse getting remarried. Typically, when the spouse receiving support gets remarried, the spouse paying support has grounds to request termination of the agreement. That being said, this must be done with the assistance of a competent and experienced attorney. Our firm has significant experience helping clients attain post-judgment modifications in scenarios such as these, and we can work with you to file a motion with the court to attain the result you desire. If you have further questions about spousal support here in California or you believe you qualify for a spousal support modification, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our legal team is here to fight for you and your financial well-being.

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