Can I Start Dating During My Divorce?

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If you are considering beginning a new relationship while you are going through or have just finalized a divorce, continue reading and speak with a Los Angeles divorce attorney to learn more about how dating someone new can impact the outcome of your divorce.

Can I start dating if I’m getting divorced?

Typically, it is not a good idea to start dating during the divorce process. Even though you may no longer feel committed to your spouse, the truth is, dating during the divorce process can have a very negative impact on the outcome of your divorce. Here’s how:

  • How it may affect your divorce: Often, when spouses get divorced, one spouse will request spousal support until he or she can become financially independent. However, if you are already in a relationship, your former spouse may allege that you no longer require spousal support, especially if you are cohabiting with the new spouse. You should also note that if your former spouse can prove that you committed adultery, courts may deny you alimony altogether.
  • How it may affect child custody: If a child is involved in your divorce, it is usually best not to begin a new relationship until your divorce is finalized. Dating during this time period can impact child custody and parenting time during the case or post-judgment proceedings. Divorce courts will always consider the best interest of the child when making decisions regarding these matters, and if they believe the person you are dating would not have a positive impact on your child, they will consider that when making a decision. Further, bringing a new person into your child’s life too quickly could result in them believing you are attempting to replace their other parent, which can hurt them and also be looked down on by the court.

What other behaviors should I avoid during a divorce?

Dating during a divorce is not the only behavior that could potentially have an impact on the outcome of your divorce. It is important to never do the following during your divorce:

  • Send negative emails, texts, messages, etc. to your spouse
  • Withhold visitation from your spouse
  • Post information regarding your divorce on social media
  • Sell property without the court’s permission
  • Discuss the case with your children or use them as intermediaries
  • Criticize your spouse in front of your children
  • Move out of state with your children
  • Remove children from their current school

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