Why Are Attorneys Beneficial For Uncontested Divorces in CA?

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There’s a common misconception that all divorces are bitter battles in which the spouses refuse to cooperate and do everything possible to make each other’s lives more difficult. While that may be the case for a few couples, many can work together to get through this complex process. Known as uncontested divorces, these are ideal for many couples. However, many assume they can forgo hiring a Los Angeles divorce attorney during this process. If you and your spouse want to work together, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about this option, and it’s in your best interest to retain legal representation for this process.

What Are Uncontested Divorces?

When a couple decides to divorce, one spouse will file the petition with the court. This document will contain their requests regarding issues such as alimony, property division, and child custody. The other spouse will then be served the divorce papers, where they can agree to the terms or contest them. As such, an uncontested divorce is when a couple can agree on all significant terms and conditions about the dissolution of their marriage.

Generally, when a couple is on civil, if not amicable, terms, they may be able to work out the terms and conditions of their divorce. In many instances, couples who wish to pursue an uncontested divorce will discuss the terms and file a joint petition.

If My Spouse and I Can Agree, Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Though you and your spouse may be on the same page regarding what you want to do with your divorce, this is still a complex legal process. You’ll need to file significant paperwork and meet strict deadlines. As such, it’s in your best interest to enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney to guide you through this process to ensure everything is by the book and legally binding.

Additionally, as your divorce settlement is legally binding, you’ll want to ensure the terms and conditions included accurately reflect your wishes. Unfortunately, you may find that failure to properly detail the terms of your divorce can lead to an unfavorable outcome.

It’s also not uncommon for a divorce that began as uncontested to become contested. As such, having an attorney already familiar with the case can help make the transition from uncontested to contested much easier.

Though it’s not mandatory to have an attorney to file an uncontested divorce, it’s in your best interest to do so. If you are ready to proceed, the Zitser Family Law Group can help. Our team understands how complex a divorce can be, especially if you are unfamiliar with this process. We will do everything in our power to assist. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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