What You Should Do if You Plan on Remarrying in California

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When someone gets divorced, they often feel refreshed by having some time to themselves. However, for many people, after some time passes, they meet a new person with who they believe they would like to spend the rest of their lives. While this is wonderful for them, it’s also a very big step for them to take. For this reason, you should strongly consider taking certain steps to help ensure your finances are protected, should anything ever happen with your second marriage. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Los Angeles divorce attorneys to learn more about some of the steps you should take to protect your finances if you plan on remarrying in the state of California.

Steps to Take if You Plan on Remarrying in California

  • Consider Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement: If you have not yet married your second spouse, you should strongly consider drafting up a prenuptial agreement. This agreement can help you and your spouse outline which assets are yours, should you get divorced. A prenuptial agreement can also allow you to determine how alimony will be structured, should you get divorced down the road. This is critical for older spouses, who may require alimony as their only form of payments, especially if they are at an age where re-entering the workforce is either unrealistic or impossible.
  • Determine Whether Your Future Spouse May Be a Financial Risk: Unfortunately, not everyone is good at managing finances. Sometimes, people will develop substance abuse or gambling issues. In other cases, people will simply rack up debts that they cannot pay off. This is absolutely something to consider before remarrying, as if you were to get divorced in the future, you may be liable to help pay off some of the debt your spouse accrued.
  • Update Your Will & Estate PlanJust as you should update your will and estate plan after you get divorced, you should also consider doing so once you remarry. For example, you may wish for your new spouse to receive your assets after you pass on. Or, you may wish for your children to receive your assets. The fact is, after any major life event, it is always critical that you update your estate plan to ensure everything is in order and reflects your current situation in life.

If you have any additional questions or you plan on getting remarried, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced firm today. We are here to help.

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