What Should I Do if My Spouse Makes False Allegations Against Me During our Divorce?

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Getting a divorce can cause significant tension for those involved, leaving feelings hurt and trust demolished. However, many couples can put their emotions aside to end things on civil terms for the sake of each party and their children, if they have any. However, others let their emotions take over and act out of anger and spite. Unfortunately, this includes making fake claims about the other. If you are the victim of false allegations from your spouse during your divorce, it can have intense impacts on the outcome of your case. As such, it’s critical to keep reading as you’ll discover why someone might make outlandish claims and how a Los Angeles divorce attorney can help you clear your reputation.

Why Might a Spouse Make False Allegations During a Divorce?

As previously mentioned, divorces are incredibly emotional for many. If your spouse feels betrayed by your decision to file for divorce or slighted over a choice you made, they can take it out on you during this process. In many instances, this may be a means to punish you for your actions. Additionally, if your spouse is angered by your refusal to submit to unfair divorce terms, they may lie to ensure you receive a less-than-favorable outcome.

One of the most common allegations a slighted spouse may use is abuse towards them or their children. This will impact whether or not you receive custody of your children. In some cases, you will not receive custody or visitation rights. Additionally, depending on the claims, a police investigation can be opened.

You may also discover that your spouse has baselessly accused you of concealing assets. California is a community property state, meaning the courts will grant each spouse half of their shared assets. If you are accused of hiding an asset, it can negatively impact how the courts divide your assets, while also damaging your credibility with the judge.

How Should I Respond to These False Claims?

You may think taking the high road and ignoring your lying spouse is the best option. However, this lets the lies told become the primary narrative of your divorce, and it can be hard to regain control. Additionally, you may find that reacting with anger or frustration can add validity to the claims of violence against you.

Instead, you need to respond to the claims in an appropriate manner. You should gather evidence that helps prove these claims are incorrect, such as text messages, emails, or any court orders previously issued.

However, you should not embark on this alone. If facing false allegations because of a spiteful spouse, the Zitser Family Law Group can assist. Our dedicated legal team will do everything possible to guide you through this complex process to ensure you are treated fairly during your divorce. Contact us today to learn how we can fight for you.

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