What Should I Consider When Looking for a CA High Net Worth Divorce Attorney?

high net worth divorce papers

When going through a divorce, the financial implications can cause significant stress in addition to the emotions you’re experiencing. Whether you have multiple businesses or a wealth of assets, there are complexities within high net worth divorce cases that require the assistance of an attorney specializing in these types of divorce. Keep reading to discover why you need the help of Los Angeles high net worth divorce attorneys and how to pick the best firm for your needs.

What Constitutes a High Net Worth Divorce?

In order to be considered a high net worth individual, you will generally need at least one million dollars worth of liquid assets. This includes bank accounts, retirement funds, and investments. A couple can fall into this category if they have accumulated one million dollars in liquid assets between both parties.

Those with a net worth of over $5 million are considered very high net worth, while those with $30 million are deemed ultra-high net worth. Finding an attorney with experience for your financial situation is crucial to protecting yourself and your money.

What Are the Most Essential Qualities I Should Look For?

Ensuring you look for an attorney with a good reputation is crucial. While winning cases is ideal, you also want to make sure that you feel listened to and respected when speaking with a potential lawyer about the financial complexities of your divorce. A great attorney will work with you to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your family.

You should also feel as though your attorney is invested in your case. This means you shouldn’t have to chase them down or beg for their time. While attorneys are undoubtedly busy professionals with hectic schedules, a great lawyer will prioritize communication with clients.

Why Do I Need an Attorney With Experience in High Net Worth Cases?

When it comes to your finances, ensuring you work with an attorney with the necessary experience in this area is crucial. The more well-versed an attorney is in business valuations, property distribution, and alimony, the more likely they are to help protect your finances. This is because they have the experience to anticipate challenges and complications that can arise throughout the divorce process. Your hard-earned money and assets shouldn’t be left in the hands of someone who isn’t as familiar with wealthier clients.

If you need help navigating your high net worth divorce, you shouldn’t consult just any law firm. At the Zitser Family Law Group, we have the necessary experience to help protect your finances when dividing assets and awarding alimony. Reach out today to connect with a seasoned attorney to discuss the details of your case to learn how we can help you.

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