What Information About My Divorce Must I Share With My Attorney?

woman sharing information about her divorce with attorney

When you and your spouse go through a divorce, you may feel guilt, shame, or resentment. These strong emotions may cloud your judgment, leading you to make rash decisions. However, it is essential to understand that you must be honest and share information about your divorce with your attorney. If you’re unsure why or what details you must discuss with your Los Angeles divorce attorney, keep reading. You’ll learn why honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to complex legal matters like divorce.

What Information About My Divorce Is Pertinent?

The most essential information you must share with your divorce is whether or not you intend to go through with it. Many people retain an attorney as a means to make their spouse take them seriously. This results in many not going through with the divorce. However, it is your lawyer’s job to finalize the separation. Sharing this with your attorney is vital, as they can offer alternative solutions to help you.

Another vital piece of information you must share is whether or not you have any hidden assets. Regardless of your embarrassment or hesitation about your secret bank account, you must tell your attorney. Unfortunately, if your spouse can locate this account, you may be held in contempt of court, as both parties must divulge the full extent of their finances. If you inform your attorney about these assets, they can help you before it’s too late.

On a similar note, if you did anything to influence the divorce, such as cheating or suffering from a secret addiction, it is imperative that you inform your attorney. Though you may be embarrassed, your lawyer does not get paid to judge you – they are on your side. However, it is best to avoid surprises, so informing your attorney of this information is vital.

Finally, you should inform your attorney if you or your spouse do not have citizenship. This can influence the outcome of your divorce, so sharing this information is crucial. Your attorney will likely be able to provide additional information about any immigration laws that may impact you.

Is There Anything Else I Should Tell Them About?

Including the aforementioned information, if you and your spouse created a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you must inform your attorney. These documents can influence the outcome of your divorce as they detail the division of assets. This includes documents you may not consider official, such as a handwritten document you assumed was a joke. It’s best to inform your attorney of these agreements as soon as possible.

Contacting an attorney is essential if you have additional questions or concerns about your divorce. Unfortunately, many try to navigate this process by themselves, which only creates additional stress. At the Zitser Family Law Group, we prioritize the best interest of our clients to help them feel heard. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through this process.

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