What Happens if I Date Someone Else During My Divorce?

There are few legal matters more challenging to navigate than divorce, which is why if you are currently going through one, it is critical that you hire a knowledgeable Los Angeles divorce lawyer to guide you through the process. That being said, before a divorce officially begins, it is not uncommon for one or even both spouses to begin dating again. Often, when a couple is unofficially separated, they may not see an issue in seeing other people. However, at times, this can be a very dangerous practice. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced California divorce attorneys to learn more about whether you should date someone during your divorce. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Should I date someone else during my divorce?

There are several reasons why dating someone during the course of your divorce is a very bad idea. To start, if you make it known that you are seeing someone else, your spouse may use that to allege that you are committing adultery, even if the relationship started long after you and your spouse were separated. Though divorce terms are typically not affected by adultery, there are times where it may come into play. For example, if your former spouse can prove that you are currently cohabitating with the new romantic partner, or that the new romantic partner is capable of/is officially supporting you, there is a chance that the courts may deny you the alimony payments you truly require.

Why should I keep my divorce off of social media?

It is always best to keep your divorce, and your private life, off of social media through every step of the divorce process. Posting pictures of new significant others is only asking for trouble. Additionally, if you post pictures of you and your significant other at a bar, for example, your former spouse may use that as “proof” that you are an irresponsible parent, thereby warranting a certain child custody agreement. As you may know, things can easily be taken out of context, and oftentimes, it can drastically sway the outcome of a divorce. This is why it is your duty to keep your personal life as private as possible, and if this means avoiding posting on social media for a while, then you should do so.

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