What Can I Expect During a Second Divorce?

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When you go through a divorce for the first time, it may feel like you’ll never find love again. However, as many divorcees can attest, this is far from the truth. If you fall in love and tie the knot with a new spouse, it can be an exciting time. It is important to understand that statistics show that nearly 60% of all second marriages end in divorce, so preparing for this possibility is critical. If you are getting remarried and want to protect yourself or you’re thinking about filing for divorce again, you’ll want to keep reading. The following blog explores what you can expect from a second divorce and why you must connect with a Los Angeles divorce attorney during these matters.

What Complications Can Arise During a Second Divorce?

One of the most common complications you may experience if you are getting divorced for a second time is that the assets you have now are much more extensive than during your first divorce. This is because as you’ve grown older, you’ve likely accumulated more wealth and property. Additionally, you may have assets from your first marriage to consider, as well as non-marital property.

One circumstance that some may face is that depending on their circumstances, they may be responsible for paying spousal support to two separate spouses. Depending on your situation, this can cause significant financial strain if you are the paying spouse in this instance. This also applies to child support payments, as if you have a child with your first spouse whom you financially support and have a child with your second spouse, you may be ordered to pay support depending on the custody arrangement.

I’ve Already Been Divorced and Know What to Expect. Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Though having been divorced will provide you with a more solid foundation of how things work and what you can expect during this process, each divorce is different. As such, it’s imperative to obtain legal representation for this process, as the circumstances between your first and second divorce can differ drastically.

If you are getting married for a second time, you should connect with an experienced attorney to discuss creating a prenuptial agreement to help protect your assets in the event your second marriage ends in a divorce as well. If you are already going through a divorce, however, connecting with a lawyer can help you protect yourself during these difficult times.

This can be incredibly emotional for many, so letting an experienced attorney handle these matters is critical. If you are going through another divorce, the team at the Zitser Family Law Group, APC, can help. We understand how upsetting these times can be. As such, our firm will work to help you navigate these matters so you can focus on healing during this upsetting time.

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