Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?

divorce mediation

Ending a marriage for whatever reason can cause an overwhelming amount of emotions to prevail. These feelings can foster uncivil or hostile conversations when trying to divide assets. Instead of arguing back and forth, hiring a divorce mediator is a great way to reach a compromise, as they look at your circumstances with a neutral and unbiased opinion. Luckily, our Los Angeles divorce attorney is ready to help.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Mediator?

If you’re struggling to compromise with your spouse, hiring a mediator is likely the best course of action. For example, if you are unable to have a calm or level-headed conversation, it can lead to unresolved issues. However, a mediator can provide a neutral space with guidelines to ensure you both feel heard and respected.

Divorce mediation also helps reduce the stress and anxiety associated with a courtroom battle. Not only do you avoid traveling to the courthouse, but there is much more privacy and confidentiality when working with a mediator. Unlike a court case, mediation sessions do not count as public records, so you can ensure your privacy is protected.

Are There Any Downsides?

One of the only downsides to mediation is that it is more expensive than trying to navigate a divorce on your own. However, it is more affordable than taking your case to court, which for many, is the only other option.

You may find mediation ineffective for your situation, and despite your best efforts, litigation is required. This can be a downside, as you’ll spend money on a mediator and on court costs.

Similarly, as a divorce mediator is not allowed to offer legal advice or look into your spouse separately, they may not know whether your partner is hiding assets. However, if you have an attorney, they can conduct an independent investigation to present to a mediator.

How Do I Know if a Mediator is Right for My Needs?

In some instances, you may not need a mediator for your divorce. This includes when your divorce ends on amicable terms. A mediator would not be useful, as you and your spouse can agree to the terms of your divorce on your own, making a third-party opinion ineffective.

Similarly, you should not mediate a divorce in instances of current or previous domestic abuse, as this creates a power imbalance. Generally, the abused victim will not advocate for themselves, leading to an unfair agreement.

However, a mediator is ideal for those looking to keep things peaceful for the sake of their children. In many instances, a court battle can create tension between parent and child, which can strain the relationship you have with your little ones.

If you’re struggling to navigate the divorce process, you can count on the Zitser Family Law Group to help. Contact us today to get started.

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