Protecting Your Privacy During the Divorce Process

The divorce process is a complicated one, and oftentimes, it can be quite contentious. If you’re going through the divorce process, you’re most likely looking to keep your personal matters private. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, however, there are various steps you can take to protect your privacy as you go through the divorce process. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Los Angeles divorce attorneys to learn more about how you can do so.

Protecting Your Privacy in Your Divorce

  • Put temporary agreements in place. In many cases, divorces involve a wide array of contentious issues, including the division of property, child custody and child support terms, spousal support terms, and more. These items can be difficult to agree on in the long term, however, if you can temporarily agree on certain terms until your divorce is finalized, such as freezing marital assets, you can avoid having these assets become part of the public record.
  • Mediated divorce is an option for certain couples. Many couples don’t want to go through the divorce process in a courtroom setting. This often makes matters more contentious and there is no room for compromise. Further, litigated divorces become part of the public record. If you believe that you and your spouse can compromise and reach an agreement that works for you both through mediation, it’s the way to go.
  • File a no-fault divorce. When a couple gets divorced, they can either file a no-fault divorce or cite specific fault grounds, such as adultery or abandonment. In most cases, it’s best to file a no-fault divorce, as citing fault grounds becomes part of the public record and also seldom impacts the outcome of a divorce.
  • Avoid social media. Posting on social media about your divorce is a surefire way to let the entire world know about your current situation. Additionally, posting about your spouse or your divorce on social media can drastically impact the outcome of your divorce. Remember, anything you post about your divorce or former spouse can–and most likely will–be brought up in court.

If you have any further questions about divorce in Los Angeles or you require competent legal assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced California divorce attorneys today. We are here to help you in any way we can.

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