Is It Possible to Negotiate My Prenuptial Agreement Terms?

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When preparing for your wedding, you may have thought about whether or not you want a prenuptial agreement. If you or your spouse is a high net-worth individual, a prenup is something you should consider and discuss. Unfortunately, many are offended by the idea of a prenup without understanding that it can benefit both parties. It’s also vital to know that both parties get a say in what’s included, as it is possible to alter the prenuptial agreement conditions, ensuring both parties are happy with the outcome. Keep reading to discover how Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorneys can help you negotiate the terms set in this document.

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a document the couple will discuss, create, and sign before they are legally married. This contract includes the terms for which marital property and assets will be distributed should the couple divorce. These agreements are standard for many high-net-worth individuals in states like California, which rely on Community Property for asset distribution. Unlike other states, California believes all funds and assets accrued during the marriage should be split equally among partners. A prenuptial agreement can help ensure that your divorce, should it happen, goes smoothly.

Because you already have the terms of your agreement signed, you don’t have to worry about a costly, heated divorce if you decide to separate.

How Can I Negotiate My Prenuptial Agreement Terms?

Many people assume that they cannot negotiate the terms of a prenuptial agreement, which is far from the truth. In fact, it is recommended that you counter some of the offers made by your soon-to-be-wed’s attorney. This is because the attorney that drafted the document will likely include terms that favor their client under the assumption that they will negotiate and relinquish certain assets.

Similarly, your role in the marriage, if you are not the primary source of income, can still help you receive funds. For example, if you plan on staying home with the children while your spouse works, you can negotiate for assets as you will be leaving your career in favor of taking care of your family. If this is the case, you may be able to include stipulations like receiving the family home so your children do not have to move out of their permanent residence.

Can a California Attorney Help Me?

When presented with a prenuptial agreement, it’s vital that you have an experienced attorney review the document and negotiate on your behalf. Unfortunately, many are love-stricken and sign the agreement without fully understanding the terms, which can severely hurt them if they get divorced. Instead, protecting yourself is crucial.

If you’re presented with a prenuptial agreement or would like to draft your own before tying the knot, the Zitser Family Law Group is ready to represent you. Contact us today to learn more about how our dedicated legal team can help you through the process of creating and negotiating a prenup before you say, “I do.”

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