Important Information Regarding Financial Fraud & Divorce in California

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Divorce is every bit a financial process as it is a legal and emotional one. Unfortunately, there are times when spouses will engage in financial fraud during their divorce to help themselves or hurt their spouses. If you believe your spouse is taking part in financial fraud during your divorce, the time to act is now. Read on and contact an experienced Los Angeles division of assets attorney to learn more about financial fraud & divorce and how our firm can help.

What are some warning signs of financial fraud in my divorce?

To start, you should understand that if your spouse has a history of lying or hiding money from you, it’s best that you’re on your toes at all times. If your spouse also has a history of poorly managing finances, engaging in extramarital affairs, or otherwise giving you reasons not to trust him or her, you should be on the lookout for financial fraud during your divorce. Your spouse can partake in financial fraud in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Transferring money from joint savings accounts to personal savings accounts
  • Squandering assets in joint accounts right before your divorce
  • Hiding certain assets that you can no longer locate
  • Overpaying on taxes on purpose so they receive a large income tax return the following year
  • Refraining from cashing in or picking up bonuses from work until the divorce is finalized
  • Withdrawing funds and giving them to a friend or family member to hold until the divorce is finalized
  • Asking you to sign certain legal documents that you don’t understand, or lying about the contents of certain documents

What should I do if I believe my spouse is hiding assets from our divorce?

If you think your spouse is hiding assets or is otherwise engaging in financial fraud, the most important thing you can do is retain the services of a competent Los Angeles divorce attorney who can assess your situation and work to uncover the truth. If we can prove that your spouse is hiding assets from your divorce, your judge will likely fine your spouse or place sanctions upon him or her, and, typically, you will receive a more favorable divorce settlement as a result, as courts do not take kindly to those guilty of hiding assets from their spouses. Additionally, in some cases, lying about marital assets may warrant a charge of perjury, since these statements are often made under oath. The bottom line is that if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets from you, our firm is here to help. Give us a call today so we can get started working on your case.

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