How Can I Help My Children Deal With Divorce?

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For the parties going through a divorce, it may feel like the end of the world. Unfortunately, this is an extremely emotional time for many, often requiring the support of friends, family, and professionals. However, when you factor children in, things can be more complex. Unfortunately, because they are so overwhelmed by emotions, many parents forget to consider how their kids feel during this time. If you want to help your children understand what’s happening, this blog can help. Similarly, if you’re having problems with your ex-spouse, a Los Angeles divorce attorney can walk you through this process.

How Can a Divorce Impact Kids?

Unfortunately, divorce has a significant impact on children, whether they are toddlers or teens. Understanding how they feel is the first step toward helping them.

Many younger kids are often confused and overwhelmed by divorce and will feel guilty. Teenagers, on the other hand, more often than not endure anger and resentment during these situations. If you argue about your child, they may feel responsible for the event, which can lead to feelings of overwhelming guilt. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

What Can I Do to Help My Children Understand Divorce?

The first thing you should do is talk to your children about what a divorce is. Be sure to explain it in a way that makes sense to them, based on how old they are. You should stress that you and your spouse love your child and that the divorce is not their fault.

You should also prepare them for the upcoming changes. This includes who will be moving out of the home, as this can help ensure they don’t feel like their whole life is randomly uprooted. However, you may also want to include parts of your routine that will stay the same, as this can help provide familiarity.

Finally, you should provide additional resources and outlets for your children. Consider enrolling them in therapy to help them learn how to process their emotions surrounding the situation in a healthy and productive manner.

What Should I Do if My Ex Is Making Things Difficult?

If you find that your ex-spouse is making your divorce difficult for you or your children, it’s in your best interest to avoid taking retaliatory measures. Though it may feel satisfying, it can only hurt you and make this process more upsetting for your children. For example, they may hide assets or rack up debt on shared credit cards. Though frustrating, taking the high road can help you in the long run.

Instead, you’ll want to contact the Zitser Family Law Group as soon as possible. Our dedicated legal team can help you navigate all aspects of divorce, including the division of assets, which is often essential for parents. Contact us today to discuss any concerns you may have about your divorce to learn how we can help you.

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