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Divorce is complicated, and if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, you may benefit from hiring one or more expert witnesses, as well as an experienced California divorce attorney. There are many divorces that may require an expert witness, for a multitude of reasons. Generally speaking, expert witnesses are brought into the equation when couples undergo mediation or another alternate dispute resolution method. Generally speaking, expert witnesses (in these cases) are either in the psychological or financial field, and their goal is to help you and your spouse work out any outstanding issues that you cannot agree upon when it comes to creating a divorce agreement that you are both satisfied. Expert witnesses are unbiased, and their conclusions are generally not binding; they only exist to give both parties involved a bit of perspective, allowing them to make a more informed decision regarding their divorce. They can valuate assets, openly communicate about each parent’s concern over child custody issues, and more. Please continue reading and speak with our firm to learn more.

What are some of the most common types of expert witnesses used in family law cases?

There are various experts that are frequently used in these cases. Some of the most common expert witnesses that are used in alternate dispute resolution are as follows:

  • Financial Experts: Financial experts can set a value to your retirement assets, the cost of child care, and more. They can analyze each spouse’s financial situation, and from there, determine the most plausible financial arrangement in your divorce agreement.
  • Real Estate Experts: Real estate experts can value all properties owned between you and your spouse to accurately prepare them for the division of assets.
  • Small Business Experts: In many cases, one or both spouses will own a small business. Businesses are among the most complicated assets to divide when it comes to a divorce, which is why if you, your spouse, or both of you own a business, hiring a knowledgeable small business expert can effectively and accurately set a value to your business.
  • Medical Experts: The cost of healthcare for an individual or their child is often a paramount concern in divorce. A medical expert can assess the cost of healthcare, which may play a part in future child support/spousal support settlement amounts.

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