Common Money-Related Reasons Couples Get Divorced

No couple imagines that the day will come where they eventually get divorced. Unfortunately, this happens to roughly 50% of all spouses in today’s day and age. There are various reasons why couples get divorced, including differences in parenting styles, different dreams or goals, or even just falling out of love. However, one of the most frequent causes of divorce is disagreements with how spouses handle their assets. Please continue reading and reach out to a Los Angeles divorce attorney at our firm to learn more about some of the most common money-related reasons that cause couples to get divorced.

Common Money-Related Reasons Couples Get Divorced

As you can imagine, there are various ways in which couples can find themselves in heated arguments because of disagreements in how to manage their finances. Some of the most common financial disputes and disagreements we see here at Zitser Family Law Group, APC are as follows:

  • Accumulating credit card debt: Unfortunately, some people are irresponsible with their credit cards. In other cases, couples feel they have no choice but to go into debt because they need certain things that they can only acquire through swiping their credit cards. Whatever your situation, if you believe your spouse is mismanaging a credit card and causing you to go unnecessarily into debt, it’s no surprise if you’re angry. Many spouses find themselves in this situation, and it often results in a divorce.
  • Different ideas for spending: Let’s say one spouse wants to save up for an in-ground swimming pool, while the other spouse wants to save for a luxurious vacation. While many spouses can work this out and compromise, at times, disagreements about what a couple should, or shouldn’t spend their money on can tear couples apart.
  • Disagreements on how much they should save/spend regularly: Another common scenario is when one spouse is freer than the other with spending money. This can result in one spouse thinking of the other as frugal and irritating, while the other sees their spouse as irresponsible.
  • Finding out one spouse is hiding money or other assets: This is perhaps the worst of all, as hiding money or assets from your spouse is, essentially, lying to them. Spouses finding that their partner has a secret credit card or bank account, for example, can put a serious strain on a relationship.

To learn more about the most common money-related reasons couples get divorced or how our firm can help you through the divorce process, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We are on your side.

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