Can My Ex Stop Paying Alimony After Filing for Bankruptcy?

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There are few divorce terms more important than alimony, especially if you’re the financially dependent spouse in a marriage. That said, if you’ve already gotten divorced and alimony is a part of your agreement, you’re probably wondering if there are any circumstances that may warrant the termination of your alimony agreement, such as your ex being unable to make these payments. Certain scenarios may warrant termination of alimony, such as having to undergo an expensive medical procedure. However, if your ex recently filed for bankruptcy, you may wonder if he or she will continue paying alimony. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Los Angeles spousal support attorneys to learn more about what may happen and how we can help.

Is my ex-spouse allowed to stop paying alimony if they file for bankruptcy?

When someone files for bankruptcy because they cannot keep up with bills and are in a significant amount of debt, they are able to discharge a large portion of that debt. That said, there is also such a thing as non-dischargeable debt. Credit card debt is dischargeable, for example, while other debts are not. For example, alimony and child support payments are considered non-dischargeable debts, meaning that even if your ex files for bankruptcy, he or she will likely have to continue making regular alimony payments to you. If your ex has discontinued alimony payments and is using bankruptcy as an excuse, you need to hire a knowledgeable Los Angeles divorce attorney who can notify the courts and ensure you receive each and every alimony payment to which you are entitled.

When can a person stop paying alimony in California?

You should understand that there are various circumstances that may warrant the termination of alimony here in the state of California. Just some of those scenarios are as follows:

  • You have remarried or are cohabitating with another person and no longer require alimony
  • You got a higher-paying job or otherwise ran into a large sum of money, no longer requiring alimony
  • Your ex has developed a serious medical condition that requires expensive medical treatment
  • Your ex lost his or her job due to unforeseen circumstances

Whether you’re looking to continue receiving alimony or are looking to terminate your alimony agreement, our firm is here to help. Reach out to Zitser Family Law Group, APC today for assistance.

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