Can I Get a Divorce Without Going to Court in California?

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When going through a divorce, you may want to do everything possible to make this process as simple as possible while maintaining your privacy and free time. As such, getting a divorce without going to court is one option you may want to consider. However, it’s essential to understand how this process works and what you must consider before choosing this option. The following blog explores what you must know if you want to stay out of a courtroom while explaining the importance of hiring experienced Los Angeles high net worth divorce attorneys.

What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Divorce Out of Court?

Divorce can be a complex and time-consuming process as is. However, when you spend time battling in court, it can make this even longer. Not only do you have to wait for your hearing to be scheduled, but you also risk having the process elongated in the event your date is canceled. As such, determining the details of your divorce outside of court can help save you a considerable amount of time.

Similarly, staying out of court allows you and your spouse greater control over the terms of your divorce. When you go into a courtroom, the fate of your finances is left in the hands of a judge who is unfamiliar with your circumstances. Instead, working with your spouse gives you the opportunity to work together to determine a better outcome.

When you go to court, the details of your case are made public. Whether you’re a celebrity or would simply like to keep the details of your personal life private, staying out of a courtroom can help shield you from the public eye.

How Can I Get a Divorce Without Going to Court?

If you’re looking to go through a divorce while staying out of a courtroom, you’ll generally need to pursue an uncontested divorce. This means you and your spouse agree to the terms in your divorce petition, eliminating the need to have a judge decide the outcome of your case.

Generally, the easiest way to work with your spouse is through a collaborative divorce. This is when each party will retain their own attorney for legal guidance when negotiating the terms of a divorce.

Do I Still Need an Attorney?

If you and your spouse want to stay away from the courtroom, a collaborative, uncontested divorce is your best option. However, even if you and your spouse are on amicable terms, enlisting the assistance of an attorney is essential to ensure you are protected. Not only will your attorney help inform you as to what you are entitled to during your divorce, but they will also evaluate the agreement to ensure the terms are legally binding.

When you are going through a divorce, the Zitser Family Law Group understands you have concerns about spending your time in a courtroom. As such, we can help you pursue an uncontested divorce with your spouse while negotiating for the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Contact our experienced firm today to learn more about how we can help you.

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