5 Tips for Having a Low-Conflict Divorce

As you know, divorce is almost always stressful. In most cases, couples get divorced because they disagree on a wide range of issues, and often, these disagreements continue throughout the divorce process. That said, there are certain actions you and your spouse can take to limit the amount of conflict you have and help the process move along as smoothly as possible. Read on and reach out to a knowledgeable Los Angeles divorce attorney from our legal team to learn more about how you can have a low-conflict divorce.

Here Are Five Tips for a Low-Conflict Divorce

Just some of the most important steps to take for a low-conflict divorce are as follows:

  1. Accept reality and that you cannot change your spouse. You and your spouse are getting divorced for a reason. Likely, there are things about your spouse that bother you, and likely, you’ve tried to get him or her to change those things over the course of your marriage. Though people are capable of change to some extent, if you’re getting divorced, that change likely didn’t occur. Save yourself time and energy by no longer trying to get your spouse to change. It’s not going to happen.
  2. Don’t try to get revenge. If your spouse is responsible for the downfall of your marriage, such as by committing an act of adultery, it may seem tempting to get even. However, this will only hurt you in the long run. If an act of revenge comes to the court’s attention, you can bet that this will only negatively impact the outcome of your divorce. Be the bigger person and move on.
  3. Work on communicating and compromising. It’s rare for a spouse to get every single thing they want in a divorce. For this reason, you can limit the amount of conflict you have by remaining open to communication and compromise.
  4. Don’t argue over text or online. Arguing over text about your divorce or other marital issues, or posting about your divorce online, such as on social media, will only negatively impact your divorce if these posts or texts are brought to the attention of a judge. Refrain from using social media altogether until your divorce is resolved, if possible.
  5. Hold your children’s well-being above all else. Your children go through your divorce every bit as much as you do. You need to be there for them. Don’t badmouth your ex, who is likely their parent, and ensure that their needs are met at every turn. Your children should be your number one priority.

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