3 Things You Should Know About Child Support in California

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Child support is often among the most critical divorce-related issues, and for good reason–no parent should have to worry about having the financial means to raise their child after a divorce. Please continue reading and speak with our Los Angeles family law attorney for three critical details about child support in the state of California. They are as follows:

Child support is not tax-deductible.

To start, you should understand that if you share custody of your child, only one parent can claim your child and receive tax benefits as a result. However, you can resolve this issue by trading off who claims your child on your taxes every other year. However, if one parent has primary custody of a child and the other owes regular support payments, you should understand that these payments are neither tax-deductible for the individual who issues the payments, nor shall the recipient of the payments be taxed on those payments.

Child support holds greater importance than alimony payments in the eyes of the court.

When courts determine which spouse has to make alimony or child support payments, they will consider a wide array of factors, however, courts will always consider the best interests of your child first and foremost, which is why, in many cases, child support payments will take precedence.

You can modify your child support agreement under certain circumstances.

Life changes, and courts in Los Angeles understand that. This is why, in many cases, as long as you or your former spouse can prove that there has been a significant and lasting change in circumstances, there is a very good chance that you may receive a child support modification. For example, if you are the supporting spouse and you lost your job, or if your former spouse recently received a significant promotion, you may request a reduction in support payments. Additionally, if your child has reached the age of emancipation, you may request the termination of your support agreement. Conversely, if you are the recipient of support payments and your child plans on attending university or higher education, you may request an extension of support payments. These are just some of the situations that may qualify for a child support modification, which is why if you believe your situation calls for a modification, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced California family law attorney today.

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