Santa Monica Divorce Attorneys

Santa Monica Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Attorneys in Santa Monica, California

There are few legal matters more pressing than those that deal with divorce and family law issues. Here at the Zitser Family Law Group, APC, we understand this, which is why we dedicate our practice to best-serving individuals who are going through various legal issues in their lives. If you are a high net-worth individual, you have a lot on the line, which is why you need a skilled law firm that has assisted clients throughout Santa Monica for years. We have over 20 years of experience helping high net-worth clients, so you can trust that we will provide you and your family with the high-quality legal representation you deserve. Contact the knowledgeable California divorce attorneys at Zitser Family Law Group, APC today.

Our Divorce Services

If you are looking to begin the divorce process, you must ensure you hire an attorney that has what it takes to fight for the best outcome possible. That’s where we come in. Zitser Family Law Group, APC, can help you through the following divorce-related issues:

Family Law Services

Zitser Family Law Group, APC, is also highly proficient in various family law matters. Over the years, we have helped countless clients through the following family law issues:


Contact a Santa Monica, California Divorce Attorney

The bottom line is that when someone has a pressing family or divorce-related issue at hand, they need experienced legal representation that can effectively take them through every step of the process. Zitser Family Law Group, APC, has the knowledge and drive needed to represent your best interests through the legal process ahead. Contact Zitser Family Law Group, APC today so we can get started.

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