Common Money-Related Reasons Couples Get Divorced

No couple imagines that the day will come where they eventually get divorced. Unfortunately, this happens to roughly 50% of all spouses in today's day and age. There are various reasons why couples get divorced, including differences in parenting styles, different dreams or goals, or even just falling out of…
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Here’s What to Know About High Net Worth Divorces in CA

Divorce is seldom a simple matter, and often, when couples get divorced, they find themselves dealing with concerns they never imagined. Unfortunately, when a divorce involves a couple that has a significant amount of assets, it may become all the more complex. Our firm has years of experience helping high-net-worth…
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What to Know About Complex Assets & Divorce in California

There are few things more complicated than divorce, and though divorce is often an emotional process, it is also frequently a complicated financial and legal process as well. One of the most important divorce-related issues involves the division of assets, as oftentimes, spouses cannot agree on which assets belong to…
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Credit Card Debt & Divorce | What You Should Know

There are few things more complicated than dividing assets in a divorce. Oftentimes, one spouse believes that he or she is entitled to more than the other spouse, and vice versa. Unfortunately, this can lead to an extremely complex and contested process. That being said, not only are assets divided…
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The Do’s and Don’ts of California Divorce | What You Should Know

As you know, divorce is stressful, and at times, it can seem unclear about the best way to handle your divorce. This is why our Los Angeles divorce attorneys have compiled a short bulleted list of the do's and don'ts of divorce to help provide some guidance as to what…
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Expert Witnesses & Divorce | What You Need to Know

Divorce is complicated, and if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, you may benefit from hiring one or more expert witnesses, as well as an experienced California divorce attorney. There are many divorces that may require an expert witness, for a multitude of reasons.…
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