3 Common Myths About Prenuptial Agreements | What You Should Know

In today's day and age, many future spouses choose to draft prenuptial agreements before they are officially married. There are several benefits of doing so, yet still, there are some people who are skeptical about such documents for a number of reasons. Our Los Angeles divorce attorneys are here to…
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Here is What You Need to Know About Move-Away Cases in CA

As a parent, you are not alone in believing that there is nothing more important than your child. Your child is your number one priority, and you will do everything you can to ensure that your child's best interests are protected through every phase of life. After a divorce, if…
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What You Need to Know About Postnuptial Agreements in California

Many couples draft prenuptial agreements before marriage in an effort to protect their assets from a potential future divorce. That being said, if you are already married, you may be wondering if you can sign such an agreement. While you may no longer draft a prenuptial agreement, you can still…
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What to Know About Prenuptial Agreements in California

There are few tools more useful than prenuptial agreements, and though there used to be a stigma attached to drafting such agreements, this is no longer the case. The fact is, roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce, and couples nowadays recognize this, which is why more and more couples…
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Tips for Having a Low-Conflict Divorce | What You Should Know

Divorce is a complex issue, and if you are currently going through the divorce process, you are most likely looking to make it as low-conflict as possible. Please continue reading and speak with our California divorce attorneys for some tips on how to have a low-conflict divorce. How to Have…
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What You Should Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in CA

In the months and years after a divorce, people's lives change, which is why oftentimes, they will request modifications to their initial divorce agreements to better accommodate their current situations in life. Please continue reading and speak with our California divorce attorneys to learn more about post-judgment modifications and how…
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