Tips for Having a Low-Conflict Divorce | What You Should Know

Divorce is a complex issue, and if you are currently going through the divorce process, you are most likely looking to make it as low-conflict as possible. Please continue reading and speak with our California divorce attorneys for some tips on how to have a low-conflict divorce. How to Have…
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What You Should Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in CA

In the months and years after a divorce, people's lives change, which is why oftentimes, they will request modifications to their initial divorce agreements to better accommodate their current situations in life. Please continue reading and speak with our California divorce attorneys to learn more about post-judgment modifications and how…
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What to Know About Reporting Alimony Income on Your Tax Return

When couples get divorced, oftentimes, the financially dependent spouse will receive alimony payments for a certain period of time in an effort to help that individual retain their standard of living even after their marriage has concluded. In many cases, alimony is a lifesaver, though you should familiarize yourself with…
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What Documents Should I Keep After My Divorce is Over?

Divorce is a very involved process, in many different ways. For this reason, it is critical that you stay organized before, during, and after your divorce is finalized. This includes hanging onto various financial documentation that may come in handy in the future. Below, our California divorce attorneys have compiled…
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Can My Fiancé’s Parents Make Me Sign a Prenuptial Agreement in CA?

In modern times, more and more couples are turning to prenuptial agreements before marriage to help protect their assets from a potential future divorce. While for many, prenuptial agreements are useful, safe, and honest, this is not always the case. Sometimes, if an individual has a share in, or contributes…
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What You Need to Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in California

As you know, in the weeks and months following a divorce, life changes, and if you are someone whose divorce agreement no longer reflects your current situation in life, you are most likely seeking a post-judgment modification. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable California divorce attorneys to learn…
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