What Happens to My Business if I Get Divorced in California?

Business owners often take pride in their business, and in many cases, their business is their most valuable asset, and if you are a business owner who is currently getting divorced, you are most likely very worried about the future of your business. Continue reading and speak with our California…
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Updating Your Financial Situation After a Divorce in California

As you know, divorce is among the most complex legal matters that most people will ever have to navigate in their lives. This is because not only is divorce an extremely emotional process, but it can also be a remarkably expensive one as well. For this very reason, planning is…
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What to Know About How a Gray Divorce May Affect Your Finances

Though most divorces do occur when people are under the age of 50, the truth is, divorce can happen at any age, and if you are someone in your later years who is currently going through the divorce process, you know this all too well. While divorce at any stages…
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What Happens if I File for Bankruptcy During the Divorce Process in CA?

When couples get divorced, they have a lot on their minds, including emotional, financial, and legal issues, all of which making the process all the more complicated. However, if you are someone who is looking to file for bankruptcy during the course of your divorce, it may complicate matters even…
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What to Know About Complex Assets & Divorce in California

There are few things more complicated than divorce, and though divorce is often an emotional process, it is also frequently a complicated financial and legal process as well. One of the most important divorce-related issues involves the division of assets, as oftentimes, spouses cannot agree on which assets belong to…
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Can Adultery Affect the Outcome of a Divorce in California?

There is nothing more damaging to a marriage than committing an act of adultery, which is why if your spouse did so, you may now be seeking a divorce, and you may be wondering whether you should cite adultery as a fault ground for your divorce. Please continue reading and…
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