Move-Away Cases in California | Here’s What You Should Know

Parents in California and throughout the world see their children as their number one priority. This is why, for most parents, not receiving custody of their child after a divorce is heartbreaking. That said, if you do have custody of your child and you are looking to move away with…
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Divorced? Here’s What to Know About Planning for Your Child’s College Education.

If you are a parent, there is a very good chance that you are looking to send your child to college when the time comes. That being said, if you are a divorced parent, you may be wondering whether you can afford college for your child. Fortunately, you do have…
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Here is What You Need to Know About Move-Away Cases in CA

As a parent, you are not alone in believing that there is nothing more important than your child. Your child is your number one priority, and you will do everything you can to ensure that your child's best interests are protected through every phase of life. After a divorce, if…
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Move-Away Cases in California | What You Should Know

If you are a divorced co-parent, there is a very good chance that may wish to move away, or relocate with your child. Oftentimes, this is not an issue, however, there are times where move-away cases can become quite complex. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced California family…
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How Can a Substance Abuse Issue Impact Child Custody in California?

Divorce and its surrounding issues, such as child custody, are complicated. Unfortunately, if you are someone who has a known substance abuse issue, obtaining child custody may become even more difficult. Please continue reading and reach out to our experineced California family law attorneys to learn more about child custody…
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What You Need to Know About Parenting Time in California

There is nothing more important to a parent than their child, which is why after a divorce, both spouses often seek child custody or parenting time with their child. Please continue reading about how to establish a healthy parenting time plan, and how our experienced California family law attorneys can…
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