Can I Change My Alimony Agreement if I Lost My Job?

If you are divorced and were the financially independent spouse when you were married, you most likely owe your spouse regular alimony payments so he or she can retain their standard of living. Alimony agreements are often among the most important, as well as the most contentious aspects of a…
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Spousal Support in California | What You Need to Know

Divorce is an extremely complex issue, as oftentimes, spouses have a lot at stake, ranging from child custody, property division, and, of course, spousal support, or alimony. If you are currently going through the divorce process, you are most likely wondering how alimony works in the state of California. Please…
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When Can I Stop Paying Alimony in California?

There are few issues more critical during the divorce process than those involving alimony. Oftentimes, the financially dependent spouse will require the financially independent spouse to provide them with alimony payments for a given period of time. That being said, the goal isn't to give one spouse a permanent source…
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What to Know About How a Gray Divorce May Affect Your Finances

Though most divorces do occur when people are under the age of 50, the truth is, divorce can happen at any age, and if you are someone in your later years who is currently going through the divorce process, you know this all too well. While divorce at any stages…
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What to Know About Reporting Alimony Income on Your Tax Return

When couples get divorced, oftentimes, the financially dependent spouse will receive alimony payments for a certain period of time in an effort to help that individual retain their standard of living even after their marriage has concluded. In many cases, alimony is a lifesaver, though you should familiarize yourself with…
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Can I Modify My Alimony Structure if I Lost My Job?

When couples get divorced, they have a lot to consider, including child support, property division matters, and more. However, oftentimes, reaching an alimony agreement is the financially dependent spouse's top priority, as, without alimony payments, there is a very good chance that they will no longer be able to retain…
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